90-91-92-93/? pictures of Chris Hemsworth


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Time to come clean:

After finding out my sister was my mom by looking at my secret birth certificate, I also learned my real name was Hottie DoucheFace.


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Doctor/River + what the hell is personal space

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Tom Hiddleston.

Filmography (2006-2015)

Love, love, love, love…

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Don’t ever want to take these off again #rings #gold #cocktail #rings #fashion #chip

Don’t ever want to take these off again #rings #gold #cocktail #rings #fashion #chip


Head’s too full of stuff. I need a bigger head.

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Bill doing his ‘Damn we’re in deep shit here’ hair thing

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me about soulmates in real life: soulmates are bullshit, you can fall in love with infinite people in infinite ways, and the concept is harmful and perpetuates the “love conquers all” ideal that keeps people from thinking about their own happiness.

me about soulmate in fic: oh…


Benedict Cumberbatch on set of BBC2 production of “The Hollow Crown: The War of the Roses” based on Shakespeare’s Richard the 3rd. 24-09-2014.